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While side hustle and passive income was a desire or luxury for people earlier, now it is an absolute necessity. Fast growing population was already putting a dent on the ideal life that most people desired with their dream job, Covid Pandemic completely smashed it down.

According to the estimation of UN Covid has wiped 195 mil jobs world-wide. The figure is pretty scary and we are left with no choice to navigate our own way in this difficult time. The good news among these all is that there is a way through which you can not only survive this situation, but can even find a full-time career that is quite amazing and fulfilling.

So if you are willing to start the journey, here are some of the best websites that can help you earn some quick money online.







1) Upwork (upwork.com)

Upwork is a website where you can be paid in exchange of the talent you have. If you are a writer, creative designer, sales and marketing expert, web, mobile and app developer, etc. then you can find some work here and can be paid for that. It is basically a global e-lancing platform.

“In-demand talent on demand. Upwork is how.” is the tagline of the website. Upwork.com claims, “here you can collaborate with the company all over the world and work with them. It takes care of the contract and make sure you’ll get paid on time.”

It all starts with the free profile where you can share your professional background and build client confidence with accomplishments. On Upwork you can work as much or as little as you want. With time and experience you can gradually increase the money you get from this website. If you’re looking for a modern way to freelance, Upwork is the answer.

2) Fiverr (fiverr.com)

It is another online marketplace for freelance services. It is a globally famous platform for freelancing. It has variety of options for which you can apply if you are skilled in any of them. Fiverr just like Upwork guarantee the payment for your services. You can check out the projects made by their freelancers on “fiverr.com” to get an idea how this works.

3) Toptal (toptal.com)

It is another globally famous website where companies hire the freelancers for their important projects. If you are skilled in software development, finance experts, designers, product management, etc. then you could utilize your skills and earn good amount of money while getting expertise in your field with experience and time.



Transcribing: –




4) Quicktate (quicktate.com)

If you have free time and a knowledge of international language like English then you can easily earn money just by converting the audio recordings, phone conversations, etc into textual format. All you have to do is pay attention and convert. On “quicktate.com” you can apply and get paid for this work.

5) Scribie (scribie.com)

Scribie is another website for transcribing. It takes an online transcribing test to determine your speed. Then they hire and pay you according to per audio per hour.

6) TranscribeMe (transcribeme.com)

At Transcribeme, they hire people who could transcribe audio, videos, etc in any language this site supports. “transcribeme.com” promises regular pay-outs and steady work streams.

Investment in Mutual Funds:-

7) Upstox (upstox.com)

It is an Indian startup bank by Ratan Tata. So if you have money and can take risks then you can invest in shares and mutual funds at this site and can make more money out of your money.
Learning about stock markets and investments at early age of life can be benefitted in long run. Moreover, you can reduce the risks with knowledge and experience.




Online Influencing: –


Online influencing



8) YouTube (youtube.com)

If you think you have the capability to influence, entertain or teach people then you can make “YouTube” as your tool to earn. You can make your own channel and put on your content on the platform. Now, with time if you can influence the large mass of people and increase your subscribers then you can get good amount accordingly from the YouTube.

9) Instagram (instagram.com)

It is platform where people having large no. of followers called “Instagram influencers” can collaborate with brands & companies and promote them for which they get paid. The amount of payment depends on the company and no. of followers the person has. If you have the ability to influence & have reach to large no. of people then you might attract the brands and get paid for promoting their products.




Lady teaching a Kid



You can also create your own courses of the subjects in which you are specialized in and upload them on the websites or platforms as follows:


10) Udemy (udemy.com)


11) Tutorme (tutorme.com)


Hence, your talent in this way can pays you off.








12) Etsy (etsy.com)

If you are good at art & craft and can create useful products out of your crafty skills then this is the best website to earn money in exchange of your skills. This website supports independent sellers and gives you a platform where you can sell variety of crafty handmade goods. You can sell at least 20 years old vintage items too. It’s a most handy way to earn.

Lending Helping Hand to Neighbours: –





13) TaskRabbit (taskrabbit.com)

If you have time and can run errands for your neighbours or anyone nearby then this is an amazing website for you. On this website you can search for people who live nearby and want certain gigs to be done at their places. If you are willing to provide your services then you easily do that task and earn from it.

Selling Second-hand Items: –

14) Thredup (thredup.com)

Thredup is a very famous online market of second-hand clothing. On this platform you can sell your second-hand clothes and get paid for the accepted items. The unaccepted items either return back to you by adding return assurance on website or otherwise they are sent to thredup’s textile recycling partners.

15) Swap (swap.com)

Swap can sell second-hand items for you. It is similar to thredup. This website too inspects the quality of items and check if they are ready to be sold. It is better that you send better-conditioned items which increases your odds of all your good being sold.

16) Gazelle (gazelle.com)

If you have used phones and electronic devices that are no longer in use by you. You can easily sell them on “gazelle.com”. Gazelle offers free shipping and sends you the shipping materials as well. So, in this way you can earn from your no-longer needed or even damaged electronics and get paid the fastest via check, amazon gifts or paypal. Isn’t it amazing?


Now, what are you waiting for? Go and give online earning a shot! 😉


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