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Building self-confidence is a major undertaking in the self-care department. And it proves and surprises us of our capabilities. Being lethargic and staying in bed sure helps us relax but when we need to get our work done, we just can’t lie down for the fear that our anxiety would eat us right up is so terrifying and the experience is too harrowing for anyone of us to recount or go through it.

Self-confidence is having confidence in ourselves a knowing we are up for the challenge, whatever it might be. That this door will be knocked down. Confidence, especially, self-confidence is the key to success. One should not forget that self-confidence is not only in moving forward but also knowing when to stop. It is also important to know one’s limit and self-confidence sure does assist in this difficult decision. It does us no good to waste ourselves on things and challenges we know are nothing but stymies. Sets us up for nothing but failure.

Once a person becomes invested in building self-confidence questions like how to get motivated for life or how to improve self-confidence and knowledge about the various self-confidence tips are often at one’s tongue. But to have a quick fix to our problem, here are a few answers to such hard questions.

  • Set small goals

    Setting goals is important but for you to achieve that final dream, you have to keep practicing setting goals. Take one step at a time. The only way to devour a whale is by taking one bite at a time.

  • Have people who support you in your endeavors



    To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.
    Mother Teresa


    Support goes a long way. Have friends and family who cheer your successes and failures the same.

  • Have a legit role model who you can look up to

    Role models who are transparent and closer to who you want to boost your process.

  • Believe in yourself that you can turn your life around

    It all starts with believing that you can do it. If you stop believing, you will fail.

  • Never stop looking

    Keep moving. The only way to achieve your dream is to never stop. Never stop walking and never hinder yourself to look for new challenges.

How to get motivated in life has been the top charted question nearly everyone asks. They want to be able to arrest everyone’s attention as soon as they enter the room. Or silence everyone with their very first word. And all it takes is building self-confidence.

It is also interesting and noteworthy to know that having self-confidence instantaneously increases the productivity of one. Wonder why? Here are the answers.

8 ways self-confidence can increase your productivity


  1. More interested in challenges


    “When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Don’t give up.”
    ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart


    Once a person is confident, they are a typhoon waiting to happen. A good one. When a person knows that they can knock all those metal doors, the power they hold, they realize and continue to grow into the best version they can.

  2. Doesn’t bow down

    A person who confident in their abilities will not bow down to new challenges. Won’t shy away from it. Rather, face it head-on. They will not succumb to their fear of failing. A self-confident person doesn’t fear failure but never getting back up to fight again.

  3. Efficient work = enthusiastic to do more work

    When a person sees how the reception of their hard work is, they will be more excited to do the work. They will ask for more and will set a high bar to match all their works to. For they will never settle for anything less than excellence.

  4. Have a positive outlook on life


     Confidence is good for productivity.

    “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.”
    — Dalai Lama


    A person will have a positive outlook on life and will take the failures as stepping stones and learn from their mistakes. A confident person knows that failures are necessary for them to teach us something. They will not be disheartened by setbacks.

  5. Better relations with everyone

    A person who has a positive outlook on life and himself, they will have better relationships with people around them, generally. They know what their infallibilities are and are also accepting of the flaws of others. That’s why having them around is a treat in itself.

  6. Start your day right

    A productive person knows the key to a great day is starting it right. They know the essence of time and wouldn’t dare to waste it on things that don’t matter to them. It has been shown and proven, by researchers that every person has a three-hour window where they are the most productive and usually it is in the morning. Now, mornings do start right after midnight. For some, it is two or five. The equation is the same, in the morning.

  7. A little voice refrains you from slacking off

    When a person introspects all that they have done, they see the amazing result, one’s conscience arouses and it pleads them not to slack off. To keep going and see more to it.

  8. Realization of how good it all is

    A confident person who knows about themselves sees the things and how smoothly everything is sailing but they always enjoy the rough waters. They find a home in the eye of the storms. And know that the easy things are just not for them anymore. They accept challenges and realize how good building self-confidence is. And because of so many things, they just won’t stop.



It has been proven by psychology and psycho-analytic who say that a confident person is a better person in getting the job done. They do more for they know the result. They crave the rush the results and the receptions give them. It is exalting and they know it.

Hence, every one of us should learn how to build self-confidence and know a few tricks on how to get motivated. Shall we begin?

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