CHOOSE TO CHANGE!! Growth Mindset v Fixed Mindset

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Success comes with change


Success is the one candy every one of us wants to have. To tell stories of what made us successful and be ‘the’ person who oozes charm and inspire everyone. It is very easy to be the next big thing if only the mindset is in place.

There are two sets of paths laid out before us:

a) Fixed Mindset

b) Growth Mindset.

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

For a Fixed Mindset person, everything is set in stones and there is nothing that would alter the outcome. There is no such thing as ‘putting in extra efforts’ or ‘working for something new’. For such a person, each skill and activity is to be categorically divided between ‘can be acquired’ and ‘can’t be acquired’. For them, all traits like character, personality, behavior and actions are inherently ‘fixed’.

On the other hand, there is the Growth Mindset which tells a person that nothing out there would stop them from becoming the person they wish to become. To acquire the skill they want to have or to challenge themselves.


The battle between Fixed Mindset v Growth Mindset commences early on during our childhood. When during our recess, we would look at that huge Jungle Gym; everyone would give it a try. And all would fail at the first try. For a person whose mindset is of growth, he/she would do everything in their power to conquer the gigantic and terrifying swing. While, for a person whose mindset is fixed, he/she would give up after the failure of couple of tries and conclude that Jungle Gyms are just not their kingdoms.

It is in no way implying that a person with a fixed mindset is a quitter or fears challenges and not take any risks but, more so, is aware of what he is capable of doing and what is not her/his cup of tea.

The debate of Fixed Mindset v Growth Mindset is a long one. Some believe it is good to be aware of one’s shortcoming while others believe that constantly challenging oneself is a good thing. To them, the huge world has a lot of new tricks and skills waiting to be flexed by someone who has the patience and the caliber to do so.

But for success, having a growth mindset is imperative. Because if your brain gives up before even starting, it is then a daunting task to coerce that stubborn muscle. Therefore, having a growth mindset which is open to every challenge on this planet is a wholesome place to start.

Oh, you have a fixed mindset? Worry not, there are many ways we can change our mindsets. Even if our brains are a very stubborn muscle it is, at the end of the day, just a muscle. There are so many ways on how to develop a growth mindset and they all are very easy.


Change is Compulsary

How to develop a growth mindset:

  1. Acknowledging your mindset

    There is nothing wrong having a Fixed Mindset. It just means that you haven’t been challenged to your fullest yet. Or that you are aware of what are your drawbacks. Knowing that you are not perfect is a good exercise in humbling yourself. This will also help with your self-discovery. Embrace your imperfections but also bid them a soft and a happy farewell instead of abhorring them. They are a part of you.

  2. Don’t run away from challenges

    It is high time now to start looking at the challenges as new opportunities. View them as new level of a video game you like, or a crossword puzzles and quizzes. Ridiculing them helps in making them look less terrifying. Instead of looking at them through a failure outlook, start to think how they would benefit ‘when’ they work. Start considering them with an optimistic outlook than focusing on only the bleak failure.

  3. Stop seeking validation from around you

    People will always have something bad to say. Because, it is what they do. It is time to block their voices and only focus on yours. Start this by stop seeking approvals and validations for your work from them. Because this creates dependent character. You will, after every new thing that you will do, you will rush to ask them of their opinions. And you will never be satisfied with just one approval but, as time goes by, more and more. In that race, you will forget your own methods of happiness and would instead rely on others as if it is their job to make you happy.

  4. Try your own method

    Use that big brain of yours and try to find the fun and easy trick that works for you. Not one pair of shoe fits all. As every one of us are different and hence would have different approaches to learning. Try to find what is good for you and work around it.

  5. Value the process more than the end

    Enjoy the journey more than the destination. Stop focusing on how it will turn out. Chill and let the new twists and turns of the road take you.

  6. Employ the word ‘yet’

    Remember Justin Bieber when he said, “Never say Never”? Try using it. It is a new thing, a new adventure! Don’t abandon it simply because you can’t reach the summit. Try harder. Your body and your mind when in need are two of the fiercest things on this planet. Harder that a steel, sharper than a knife!



In the ongoing battle of Growth Mindset v Fixed Mindset, always choose Growth Mindset. Because humans truly shine when they continue to grow and never stop. And don’t worry if you have a Fixed Mindset because there are over a thousand answers to ‘how to develop a growth mindset’.

You are already in your journey to turn things around and you don’t even know it!


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