GIRD YOUR LOINS! An exercise to get yourself Motivated.

The work keeps piling up on your desk to the point where you can’t see anything beyond the piled up work. It is dreadful, to say the least.

A lot of work.

What’s more important then hard work is smart work.

In the time when our life is at a halt, we need some ways to answer the question of how to get ourselves motivated in these situations. It is VERY easy for the procrastination bug to creep up, faster than we can think.

Procrastination will kill your Work ethic, Motivation and Discipline.


It is of utmost importance to get out of that zone and beat procrastination.


“You may delay, but time will not.” Benjamin Franklin

To learn anything new, be it practicing to run for a marathon or to study, we need all the catalysts we can get. We need the support of our loved ones, the energy to do anything, and most importantly an inclination to it.

It’s very common for us to rise on a Monday morning with no desire to do anything but we know that simply can’t be the case.

For that Monday morning motivation, we need a big breakfast, something exciting to keep us going.

This same mantra is needed when you feel devoid of motivation for anything or any big event. You know, it is going to change the course of your life but sometimes, even with that knowledge, we just cannot bring ourselves to make the cut. It is awful.

The little voice in your head simply goes like, how do I motivate myself to do any work? How do I make myself motivated? These questions also put us down but if one has the answers or means, it is a lot easier and almost come at us like a game.

To shake your complacency, you have to know what is stopping you to get anything done.

When you know the answer to why you are not impulsively getting to the work, you will know the answer to how do I make myself motivated. Answer to the why almost solves half the problem with why you are not motivated to get the work done.

There are so many answers to why you are not motivated. Lack of sleep could be one for we are tired and thinking of all the work we have to do causes decision fatigue. It does hamper us and we are left asking how do I motivate myself? Another could be distractions as there are a lot of distractions around us that take our minds off our works. And returning to it back is difficult. Eliminating those distractions sure does help.

Once you have pinned why you can’t do your work, now answer how You make myself get motivated to do the work. The best way is your way. Some of it is general but it boils down ultimately to the way you deal with things.


How to get yourself motivated:

  • Don’t think about your work if you are not working

To avoid situations where you will not do anything in a state of panic, it is better to avoid thinking about it. If you are having lunch and you think about all the pending work, it will only cause you anxiety.

  • Drink water

Water is that magical drink that does everything you want it to do. It reduces muscle and mental fatigue.

  • Chunk it up

Take smaller portions of the work and get it done. It is better than taking the whole thing which can daunt anyone of us.

  • Have fun

Sometimes, the answer to how do I get myself motivated lies in having fun. Have fun with your work. Take it lightly and enjoy what you are doing.

  • Push yourself

You can do it! Just remind yourself of it every time.

  • Focus on Self Development

When you see positive change in yourself and see positive results, you feel good and motivated. So engage in continuous improvement. For more on Self Development


So, the answer to how to get yourself motivated is rather simple. It starts with YOU and ends with YOU.






Give a high five to your Mondays with renewed vigor and Monday morning motivation.

Don't stop text

“To achieve what 1% of the world’s population has, you must be willing to do what only 1% dares to do.” Manoj Arora

For more on motivation read this awesome article.


Reach the zenith you want to reach.

Leap over that wall. Wear your armor and just head straight into the battlefield against being lazy and a slug. Gone are the days of you being anxious and tense because of your piled up work. You now hold the answers to how do I make myself motivated. It is simple. Right in front of you.

As Nike says, JUST. DO. IT!


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