How deep work can produce original work and increase productivity?

Deep Work

Imagine a library. Places where you are surrounded by thousands of books and people yet you feel like you are the only one there. Their human noises are canceled out by the vast distances that separate you from others. You are immersed in your work and they are in theirs. The serenity and the silence wash over us as we go deeper into our learning. Sadly, not everyone can avail that learning thing and we can only get a very small percentage of the said imagined world.

But, worry not for there is a way to achieve all of the things through deep work.Cal Newport in his book ‘Deep Work’ explains it to be so engrossed in your work that you forget everything and you create your world without distractions, more so, distractions seem not to disturb you.

Newport helped to design a new term which gave you the control to bend the world around you for your benefit. Deep work allows you to access every muscle of your brain and make them work for one particular thing.


Why you should learn about deep work?

  1. Increased concentration

    Deep Work allows a user’s optimal concentration to be focused on only one thing, one goal. Such a state creates a bubble of concentration that gives beneficiary results.

  2. Better results

    With good concentration, it is almost automatic when the outcomes you have been waiting for, gives the results you desired. Hence, this learning thing and method helps you only in the end.

  3. Better and vast understanding of the topics

    Every topic has numerous links that connect each and everything. It allows a person to get curious about every aspect of the topic they chose to learn. It also prevents little learning but encourages a through one. For we know, a little learning is dangerous thing.

  4. Make us humble

    It is a widely known fact that a learned person wouldn’t brag about how much they know but would rather show when it is necessary while a person on the opposite spectrum would likely to flash his knowledge as much as possible. Thus, Deep Work helps us to stay grounded.



How to go about it?

  1. Mute off all the notifications from your mobile phone and block off unnecessary sites

    Muting and blocking the sites which will create an easy distraction is the first step to engage oneself in the process of the learning thing called Deep Work.

  2. Ask people to give you time off

    Being a part of something as amazing and even more so when the people you love asks you to be a part of the activity but this is also a very easy way to destroy your focus. Therefore, you ought to ask the people around to give time and let you concentrate on the work that you are working on.

  3. Start small

    Starting at a small step where you are starting with only half an hour and gradually increasing the time by five minutes will help. Slow and steady wins the race.

  4. Reward yourself

    Give yourself rewards and gifts when you are making progress. Winners don’t become winners overnight but it takes time and effort. Be patient with yourself.

  5. Enjoy the process

    Enjoy the journey more than the destination. Focus on the result but also be curious about your process of Deep Work. It is an active form of deep learning that wants you to be curious and on the edge of your seats. It makes you work for your outcomes and never wants you to cheat by learning a little for little learning is dangerous thing.



Deep Work by Cal Newport allows you to be an active participant in your learning thing or process. It makes you work hard and enjoy every moment of the process. Let the journey of learning begins!

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