How to be the best of You?Mastering Self Development

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We all have that one friend who has everything we ever wished for. A great personality, perfect body, an array of thoughts, a pool of undying lovers and they can captivate an audience of strangers just with a single look. They never seem to fail. And you just can’t digest how perfect they are.

But you have, not a cent of the dollar! How to change that then. And the more pressing question is can it be change at all, can you have all that you want to have? Fortunately the answer is yes.

Let’ s analyze.

Were those having all blessed to be like this? Is it the work of nasty destiny and pathetic fate? Or are they simply just ahead of the curve? Or, maybe, they helped themselves? Maybe they are continuously working on the life skills and personality development, and their hustle paid off. Maybe the first change that you  could do is instead of just looking at what they have, also look at how they acquired what they have.


Looking at the life of people who seem to have all with  new perspective we understand the importance of self development and personal growth.

We all have low points in our life. You have been through it and so have I. Not all of us have Avengers in our lives who can help us. But we all can try to be the Iron Man to ourselves. Of course, not including the billions of dollars, a trust-worthy assistant or even higher IQ. Sometimes, being a superhero requires as little as developing ourselves.


Man in Stress

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” Ken Robinson

But one needs to know that every individual is the same. Same red-blood cells, same make-up of the white blood cells to fight against any foreign contamination in the body, and similar set of bones. Then  what differentiates them with you?

They are hooked with continuous self development. They are eager to learn.

They are hungry for knowledge.

Till now we have been talking a lot about life skills and personality development. Now let’s dig deeper and understand what it exactly is and how to hone the craft.

Self development


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“Challenge yourself everyday to do better and be better. Remember, growth starts with a decision to move beyond your present circumstances.” Robert Tew

It’s not an act, it’s a process. A person who wants to improve himself must sign up for a lifelong learning.

And in return it will prepare him for every failure and hurdles of life..

Self development is the change that you do in yourself, to react better to difficult situations. To be better. To feel better.

Self development may be conscious or subconscious.

When somebody points out a bad habit, or you realize some other way, and you decide to change that. It is conscious.

But when you read a good book,listen to a podcast or take  a MOOC. You gain valuable lessons. This will shape you in a better way. You may not notice the change, but others will. This is subconscious.

And just to remind, don’t underestimate these little changes, the improvements it will bring sometimes will be more profound than the conscious change.

The results of personal development is magnificent.

Boys playing

They give us an exhilarating and euphoric feeling. In that state, our minds release dopamine ‘happy chemical’ which is necessary for the cycle of motivation, reward, and reinforcement to continue.

The world is a beautiful place and so are you. Let the whole world know that you will be one of the highlights this world will always remember.

How to change and to be the best version of yourself.

  1. Have faith in yourselves: The only thing one can do before starting this exercise is by having belief in yourselves that you will be developed and all the efforts that you are putting in yourselves will pay off in the end.You can
  2. Introspect and talk to yourself: This simple exercise can help you to understand what the area that you have to work upon is. In that sense, you can read about it or ask someone about it. There are so many ways we can improve it but not recognizing it would be detrimental and would cancel out any further plans we have decided to undertake.
  3. Reflect at the end of the day: Before going to bed, shuffle through the entire day you had and highlight the bits which made you happy and the bits which didn’t have the same effect. One can also write in their diaries and journals about how their day went.
  4. Stay honest with yourselves: We are our harshest critics. Knowing your limits and finding other ways to implement your self-development goal goes a long way. Knowing that everyone is different is crucial in being kind and understanding to yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself for to err is to be human.
  5. Find others who align with your vibe: It is good to have friends who are always at your back and encourage you to push yourself forward. Try to surround yourself with such a group who understands what you want and helps you in getting it.
  6. Find role models you can look up to: Be it your parents, a national leader or even your friend. It is good to have someone who you can look up to. By having a role model one does look forward to implementing what they do. “If they can do why not I?”
  7. Measure your progress: No matter how extraordinary or ethereal your goal is, one needs to look back onto something and see how much they have improved. If you cannot measure it, don’t do it. But this also doesn’t mean that this is a setback that you have set yourselves to. Measuring your progress comes in as many shapes and sizes as many dreams one has to fulfill.
  8. Practice a little self-love: It is vital in anything that is involving yourselves. If you can’t love yourself to change, you never will.
  9. Smile: It is said that the longest distance that can be covered in the shortest amount of time is through a smile. Smile at yourself, laugh at your goofiness, enjoy your antics and praise your pranks. Have fun with yourselves. What is so fun about being serious all the time?
  10. Change your perspective: When you look outside your window, look at the sky and its colors, look at the birds in a certain formation and flying away to chase that dream of theirs, look at that old couple sitting outside on the park bench watching their grandchildren playing. Think about how beautiful they all are. Changing your perspective about all the things will eventually be the final step of your self-development.
  11. Hang out with positive and successful people: “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”  ThisIf you hangout with better, you have no option but to get better.
  12. Read: Brain is a muscle and just like any other muscle, exercising will make it stronger. The exercise for brain is reading. So read, like your life depends ont it, well it actually does.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” George R.R. Martin


Self-development is as important as salt to your food. It is what brings out your flavor and taste. The people would be mesmerized by your alluring aroma and would love to take a bite. Not speaking of cannibalism here, folks.

Personal development is an art and no one can appreciate it the most than the artists themselves. Be open to yourself and make yourself your best friend.

Let your journey begin! Ready to dive in?

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