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Helping Others



Helping people helps you, indirectly. When we help others, we release some of their tensions, some of their troubles are eased off. Some pressure is taken off. We help our parents, our siblings, our friends, helping old people, or even animals.

Helping or aiding someone brings a little joy in their lives. It makes them realize that they are being watched over. That someone is there on whom they can rely on. If they need some help, that others are there to help them. Be it washing dishes, hanging clothes, cleaning the desks, finding what they are looking for, tucking them in, kissing them goodnight, wishing them well, or just listening to them. Helping people goes such a long way.

And watching those lips curving up in a slight smile and seeing their eyes saying gratitude is one of the most rewarding thing for a person. Helping others also gives the meaning to your life.

Why should you extend a helping hand?

Well, the answer to this question is simple, because we are humans. Humanity asks us to help people in need. We are that one force of nature that can care for others. And so we should. Love and compassion is very natural for us.

It has been said that one of the signs of evolution in creatures is breaking of a femur (thigh bone, also the longest bone in our body) and then it mending itself. This means that there was someone who was there to take care of you. Because in the animal kingdom, if you have a broken femur, you are a meal for others.

Caring is our inherent factor. And helping people in need is necessary for us.

Also, helping others one can help themselves,

  • It makes you happy: Knowing that your simple act has made their day, in any way, inevitably makes you happy. That bubbly feeling is what makes us humans. So, embrace it.
  • It makes you feel responsible and reliable: Helping others makes you realize that you can do stuff. Even if it is making them happy! If you can help them why not can you do it for yourselves? Why can you not make yourself happy?
  • Help comes your way too: Helping people be it helping out old people or younger ones, they never forget it. And when you help them out, they will help you too. In any way they can, they will come to your rescue. That’s how communities are formed and companionships are strengthened.
  • It will make a better world for you and your loved ones.

The quest for trying to find the meaning of life is not a long and arduous one but a simple trick does the work. We are on this planet to cater to the need of others and ourselves. Listen to yourself and try helping people out. See the gradual shift in your mood and the color you will have in your life.


There are a lot of ways you can help out the people, some of the easy ones are:

  • Ask them what they would like

    Asking people and taking the time to know what is troubling them will make them know that you are there for them. That they are not alone and they will tell you what they need. Some may not but they will know that you asked. Sometimes, asking is all it takes.

  • Listening to them

    Listening to their woes and the hindrances they face each day can also help them. Some of us just need someone who can listen to them. Let’s try to be good listeners.

  • Smile at them

    A smile goes a long, long way in making a person happy. It covers millions of distances and countless oceans. Smile when you see them for the first time in the day.

  • Compliment

    It is not a difficult task to make someone’s day. Sometimes, complimenting them does the work. Whatever they were despondent about, they forget about their troubles and feel good about themselves.

  • Playing

    Helping old people and kids isn’t an easy task, or so do you believe. Kids and our elders may vary in all aspects but ultimately they just need our time. In our busy lives, playing with them and looking at them, giving the attention they want and deserve helps them out. It is also a great way to relieve ourselves of our stress. Laughing at some jokes with your grandparents, parents, and jumping up and down on a bed with your kids is the best medicine for those migraines that our lives have given to us as a gift.

Helping people makes us realize the meaning of life that we have been searching for has been here the whole time. And that is the community that we have. We should live, laugh and love the people, the real people, for that is the only way we can be truly happy.



Helping people in need indirectly makes you help yourself. It is a two-way street and it always is more fulfilling than anything we can do.

The gentle words, the smiles, the laughs, and the giggles that are shared between people make us humans. We strengthened our bonds of humanity. In these deteriorating times where people are drifting further and further away, helping people who are around us makes us content. Don’t we all, at the end of the day, just wish to be content?

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