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Positive Attitude

Don’t we all wish that as soon as we walk in the room, we exude that charm that attracts all the people and makes us instantly likable? Don’t we all want people to ask us how to gain confidence? Don’t we wish to be on the top?

All these questions and desires stem from our longing to be the best version of ourselves. And it is not wrong to change how we came on this planet, to alter our appearances a little. But not by hating ourselves every time we look into the mirror. Starting from a dark place doesn’t do anything for our benefit, on the contrary, it degrades the journey we just started.

Having a positive attitude helps us feel comfortable in our skin. And if there is something that we disagree on, a positive attitude charges us to run fast.

But, how to have a positive attitude with so much negativity around?

Yes, the negativity is around and we can only eliminate some of them. It is becoming increasingly hard and difficult to be present and have a bright outlook on life. The negativity comes from within ourselves, from the people we hang out with, from the social media accounts we follow, and the wrong influencers we decide to agree with.

To curb some of that negativity, we can always do some little things like deleting social media for a week or hang out with people who don’t mentally drain you and stop looking at the influencers who exude dark aura.


Social media is the evil!

Social media takes away the time we can be present with the people we have decided to hang out with. It drags us down and exhausts us. The whole planning and taking a photo and documenting every laugh is fatiguing and tires us so quickly that we forget that we gathered here to make friends and memories and not fill our camera and phone storages.

Deleting social media really is the key to have a positive attitude in life. You will not be constantly judging yourself and hence, can gain confidence easily.


How to be present in the moment?

  1. Trust your mind to store all those images

    We tend to underestimate ourselves and our mind’s capabilities to store the multitude of information and because of it’s under use, our minds have also become sedentary.

  2. Remember to have fun

    Be present and have fun.

    “Just keep being true to yourself, if you’re passionate about something go for it. Don’t sacrifice anything, just have fun.”
    ― Blake Lewis

    When you tell yourself that the real fun happens only when you are actively participating in the process is when the magic will happen and you will learn to be present of the people around you and the environment you have found yourselves into.

  3. Know the value of things and people

    Rome will not be like this every day or the Leaning Tower of Pisa will not be leaning forever. Time is cruel and it takes away all the glories the world has. Even people. Who knows what tomorrow will hold? Enjoy the time, the things and the people you have in your life. You never know who will be taken away and when.

  4. Give up the materialistic things

    Likes and hearts on social media are temporary dopamine raises that do nothing but give out the ugly turn of things. Money, phones, and even your photos are all materialistic things. They will never be enough. These things do the complete opposite of your journey in trying to right your outlook to that of a positive attitude.

  5. Forget the past

    Whatever mistakes that you did in the past, forget about it. Leave it. It is in the past for a reason. Everyone makes mistakes and has an embarrassing story to tell. We should ask for forgiveness from the people we have wronged and try to laugh out those moments. Embarrassing moments are embarrassing for a reason!

  6. Love the little things you do

    Be positive, enjoy little things

    “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.”
    ― Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    Even the mundane things that we do in our daily lives, be it making our bed, not looking at our phones, eating clean food, drinking enough water, watering the plants, or even taking a break and stepping out to play with your pets or your family is worthy of being patted for.

  7. Smile

    Smiling makes everything light. It makes everything looks like it is basking in a shade of yellow. Everything is smiling! Smiling is also the answer to the question, how to gain confidence? Who knew, simple things like a smile can make everything good!




We are constantly pressured by so many people around us to think about our future. But the truth is the future will happen and will arrive when it wants to. Fussing over the future will only reduce our present and because we will not be able to work in our present, we will miss our future as well.

Enjoying the moment and going with the flow may be the best tactic around to make your life amazing and fulfilling. You will not be lying on your bed with regrets but will be content that you did everything that you wanted to do.



Feeling bombarded all the time is a hard task and trying to make sure that it doesn’t get under your skin is even harder. And the demand for the materialistic things keeps on getting higher and bigger. In these dark times, it is very hard to have a positive attitude towards anything, even to yourself and in that mindset trying to find the answer to how to gain confidence or learning to be present is a daunting one.

But, always know that having more money or a big bungalow may give you the recognition that you want but it can never fill up the void that only true happiness can give.

Being present in the moment is the only way to go. Yes, it is a hard task but tell me, which step of self-care easy? If it was easy, the reward would also be not that satisfying.

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