Six reasons why you should wake up early

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Early to bed, early to rise.

Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

A healthy morning routine goes a long, long way. And it all starts with getting up early. This is of key importance that has been repeatedly chanted by so many people telling about the benefits of waking up early.

Let’s face it, morning sunshine falling on your face and you breathing the clean air while enjoying the silence of the day, is undoubtedly the best thing. Early mornings have that allure and charm. A serene air engulfs you where you are not rushing to answer questions like how to start, how to get motivated for work, what to eat today, is my fridge still empty.

According to research’s, the most desirable quality anyone wants to have is the habit of getting up early and getting a head start for the day ahead. And people go to extreme lengths to make this habit their characteristic trait. Yet, a lot of us have failed in doing so. Primarily because of our unrealistic expectations regarding the results. And to be honest, this is a much disciplined regime.

There are ample of articles regarding the answers to how to wake up early. Some say to have a very loud alarm at your bedside, while others say it is better to drink a ton of water before bed so your bladder will force you to get yourself out of the bed. These might be what one needs for temporary basis but for the long haul, these are just not sustainable. For your ears and bladder will get used to the very loud noise and gallon of water you will drink. Hence, here are three simple ways to answer your question how to wake up early. They are non-gimmicky and are not tricks, therefore, works for a long time,

  • Sleep Early: To wake up early, you have to sleep early. This might be something which is so simple yet so many of us overlook this simple fact. Your body needs rest. Sleeping at two in the morning and expecting to get up just five hours after it will only work for the initial few days. After which, your body will be too exhausted to get up early the next day and there you’d have failed your routine before it even got to see the second day.
  • Reduce mental fatigue: When your brain has to make a billion decisions before you can get out of the door, it becomes easier for your brain to simply overlook it make some sort of an excuse. Mental fatigue happens when your brain gets tired simply by making so many decisions. To reduce it, lay out your clothes for the next day; find an easy recipe you can make in a jiffy like a fruit smoothie with all its fruits already in the freezer or a toast; get your bags for the next day at your disposal.
  • Choose your alarm wisely: A way to ruin one’s morning is being woken up by a very loud and obnoxious alarm. Choose a calming and soothing one. If you are a heavy sleeper, choose one which starts out slow but gradually packs in the volume quickly.


Now, why would you want to wake up early? How to effectively start? How to get motivated to throw your blankets away and jump out of your very comfortable bed? The answer to all these questions are down below.


Cup of cofee in mornig

“The opportunity that God sends does not wake up him who is asleep.” – Senegalese Proverb
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Six reasons why you should wake up early

  1. Maintains your body clock

    Every living being on this planet has a body clock which functions well only if we adhere to its rule. Early to bed and going to bed at night at a reasonable hour is the only way to go forward. For going to bed early helps your bodies enough time to mend any broken cells or an organ in need of repairs. It is said and firmly believed by people who keep in check with their body clocks that the magic that a good night’s rest do can be done by no other sleep. An optimum night’ sleep is imperative to keep your body healthy and well-functioning.

  2. Positive outlook

    Waking up to the chirping of the birds and the silence of the human activities give you a sense of semblance and helps you to listen to yourself. Being surrounded by silence helps one to hear one selves and get to know their infallibilities and weaknesses they need to overcome. Setting aside a particular time for hearing your body speak and knowing where and what your lack gives an extra boost to yourself and the rest of the day.

  3. More energy

    Working according to your body clocks helps you to be in optimal condition. And plus, with more time at hand, you may find time to work out or meditate or have a healthy breakfast which gives you that extra shot of energy that you need. Read the following article for the benefits of meditation and Exercise

  4. Become organized   


    become organized

    “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” [Click to Tweet]– Anonymous

    With a lot of free time, one finds way to do things that may look trivial but helps one to breeze through the day. And that is organizing your day. Or even that computer drawer that you promised one day to do so. Keeping in check of all your commitments and meetings you have is really beneficial for a great day ahead. Even organizing a drawer or your bed sets a sort of a vibe for the entire day and flittering away from the said vibe will make you feel upset or even misbalance.

  5. Healthier eating

    Being in a rush to get out of the door and cannot finish your breakfast really pushes us to our limit. We are really starting our day on an empty stomach because of the fear of getting late to that appointment. But after waking up early, we can always have our fill and that is the answer to how to start the day well. For more Self care ideas read the article

  6. Feels good

    One feels amazing after waking up early, sorting through the day, planning your meetings, cleaning the drawer and eating a wholesome and nourishing breakfast makes us follow the right track. It feels good not only mentally but the glow is also reflected on our skin and any activity that we may do.





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You start your day with a healthy breakfast, in front of an open window where the sun is peeking through and being with yourself or your family. There is nothing better than these few gems.

And all of this starts simply by waking a few hours early.

Waking up early has all the benefits you can ask for. It also has answers to your boredom and wasting youth. Living your life is good but living your life contentedly is a whole another level.


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