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Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.

Anxiety is our body’s natural response to stress. Having anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of for it is as normal as having trouble breathing. But it is detrimental when anxiety claws our mental fortitude and we succumb to a feeling of hopelessness. Anxiety can be a problem or a hindrance when it gets lodged in between making all other work difficult to get done. Because of being not able to process our thoughts that articulately we are stuck in delirious state wherein everything gets muddled up.

Anxiety can slither up in different spheres of life. And now, because of the acceptance of anxiety as a legit disease and nothing to be ashamed of, there are different types of anxieties like social anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and many more.

The answer to why is anxiety so bad can be varied to person to person. For each of the individuals, there are different reasons and causes which stress them out. However, stress in the underlying cause. Stress can be triggered by everything. A simply pending work, work stress, student stress, not looking after ourselves, not being up-to-date, stressing about stress can also surmount to a greater stress and cause anxiety.

How to know if you have anxiety?

  1. Can’t think of anything else

    If you are caught up in your work and if you are thinking about the same every waking hour then it is most likely that you are anxious about it.

  2. Jerky movements

    The shake in your fingers, jittery movements, and jilted reactions can be signs of anxiety.

  3. Sweating excessively

    Sweat is also a key factor when it comes to signs that can tell whether we are anxious or not. Sweating is our body’s response to cool the body down when it is worked up and heat gets too much. Anxieties can cause the body to heat up. And therefore, sweat.

  4. Lack of concentration

    When one’s focus is disturbed and not able to concentrate on one task because the mind is preoccupied with the other thing.

  5. Fatigue

    A body which is overworked gets fatigued or tired easily.

  6. Thoughts

    Unwanted thoughts, lonely feelings amidst gathering, triggering social anxiety in a crowd of people, unwarranted thoughts about you can deepen the worry and fear.

Social anxiety is also common which causes irrational fears in the people while thinking about interacting with the others. A normal conversation can take up the majority of their minds and very easily can swallow up every other thing that warrants their focus.


Why is anxiety so bad?

  1. Obstructs our work

    Anxiety can very easily put a stop sign on our work. It hinders and causes a blockage to come forth when doing our work. Because of the preoccupation of our mind on one thing, it is very difficult to come out that stupor and focus on the work at hand.

  2. Tiring

    Because of the overworking of one’s body, anxiety can drain our body completely and make us tired and sluggish. We have zero motivation and energy to do anything else. The only thing that appeals is to lie on the bed but this also doesn’t give us relief for we are constantly thinking of the pending work and how we are procrastinating.

  3. Panic Attacks

    Severe and critical anxiety can cause panics attacks which can, in worst case scenarios, result in hospitalizations. Panic Attacks causes labored breaths, quick beating of heart, or nausea.

Because there are so many stimuli that can cause anxiety it is very hard to pin-point the exact cause and diagnose. That is why the answer to how to get rid of anxiety can be and is a tricky one to answer simply because of the varied causes. But, a more generic answer can help reducing the impact of it.



How to get rid of anxiety?

  1. Use deep breathing

    Take deep breaths and focus only on your breathing. As you take deep breaths, your heart rate shall drop down to normal and focusing on your breath will take your mind off on the impending task that doomed you in the first place.

  2. Practice mindfulness

    Mindfulness encourages people to focus on feelings, thoughts or bodily sensations. Having being aware of such things can help you calm down.Meditating

  3. Drink less caffeine

    Caffeine sure wakes up your body by jolting it awake but because of this it can worsen anxiety. The jittery movements and the sudden jerk from caffeine can be detrimental.

  4. Listen to music

    Listening to music can take us away from the crippling fear of not being able to do anything. It takes focus away from the anxiety0filled work.

  5. Consult a psychologist

    It is best to take help when the need is dire. Take professional help when you know you can’t keep it in control

  6. Talk to your friends

    When you don’t feel good and there is a lot in mind. The best thing is to talk to someone close to you. It will get the stress out. And knowing that there is someone to take care of you will give you new energy for the new day.



Anxiety takes a lot of things away from us. It snatches a lot of things. What is best is to understand it and try to help yourself but if you cannot, do not hesitate to seek help. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Anxiety, be it PTSD, OCD or social anxiety, is a big boulders to jump over and it is not an easy task to do so.

How to get rid of anxiety can have a lot of answers and so does why anxiety is so bad. It all boils down to how you maneuver your way around it and not crumble down. So kudos to all of you who can climb and defeat this monster everyday!



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