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Below after the guidelines, information about the process of submission is provided.

What makes a good blog post?

  • If it is written with heart, readers will be able to relate with it.
  • It should be clear and should provide helpful insights and tips.
  • It should be practical and actionable.

Guidelines for the submission of a post.

  • Choose a nice title, title length should be between 7-15 words.
  • The length of title should be between 700-2500 words.
  • Share your personal and honest work.
  • You may share your personal story for the readers to learn from.
  • Article should be in niche of personal development and mental health.
  • Try not to make paragraphs too lengthy. Keep paragraphs 3-5 sentences long.
  • Share your full name.


How to submit?

  • Share your work through mail on flip2changeofficial@gmail.com. Your article should be in plain text and not in html format. Provide title in subject line of Mail.
  • We will respond to you with in a week if your Article match the criterion for publishing.
  • Your article may be edited for clarity, spelling mistakes, grammar or readability.


And last but not the least Thank you for sharing your work with us at flip2change community.